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MAS Digital had the opportunity to innovate the strategy for the largest Telco company in Guatemala used to attract and engage C-level executives. Tigo Business is the corporate services division of Tigo Guatemala, focused on delivering integrated technology solutions to small, medium and large enterprises in Guatemala, to help them be more efficient and productive.

The challenge to innovate and develop something unique integrated with an inbound marketing strategy was something never done before by anyone and we decided to accept it.


The Challenge 

In the last 2 years Tigo Business has been trying to attract and engage C-level executives by hosting a business tech event called Tigo Business Forum. Creating an efficient strategy to get attendees to the event was complicated for this Telco, since C-Suite usually are very busy and is very hard to get their attention and even harder to know what their business challenges and needs are. They needed an innovative way to increase attendees from last year event in 20%. The biggest challenge was to capture all the c-level information and track their activity inside the event, to be able to nurture the c-suite attendees and convert them to customers, promoters and generate upselling and cross-selling strategies.


The Solution

The Telco defined the event’s theme as “Enterprise Mobility: productivity any time, anywhere”. And hosted the largest and most attracting tech event in the region by bringing great speakers as Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder), Uri Levine(Waze founder) and Jeff Wallace.

The client had a killer event and told us what was their main challenge and which goals they needed us to help them achieve. We started to work on creating a unique inbound strategy and an innovative integration in order to obtain results and meet the challenge. The solutions we implemented are the following:  

Event’s mobile app and website:

The idea began due to the fact the event’s theme was Enterprise mobility so it was mandatory to develop an Android and IOS mobile app.  We also tracked attendees’ activity and behavior inside the event and the only way to do this was creating this mobile app.  In addition, we developed event’s website in Hubspot COS. 


Attendees’ were able to register to participate in this event through the mobile app or the website.

The beauty of this development is the custom integration we created, being able to connect mobile app and website with Hubspot.  Every time an attendee registered to the event all his information was stored in Hubspot as a contact and later we delivered a QR ticket for the user to be able to get access to this event.





Event’s registry system:

To get access to the event all attendees had to present their QR ticket on the mobile app. The event’s staff scanned the QR code to validate the entry; once it was scanned we started to track all the user activity at the event. All the information was stored in Hubspot using the custom integration developed.




Captured attendees business interests and needs:

All the information added by the user to the app and all his activity inside the event was stored in Hubspot using the custom developed integration. With all this data we were able to know the C-level business interests and needs. Later on, we created different lists and workflows to nurture this leads.

For example, we had an agenda section inside the app, so the user could mark all the keynotes he wanted to attend. All this keynotes were categorized by topics so we could get to know their interests.  This helps us to deliver a custom marketing offer.




Ibeacons integration for tracking attendees’ activity and behavior:

One of the main challenges was to track users’ activity at the event. So how we managed to solve this? Using Ibeacons, these are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals that your smartphone can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness.

We attached 24 beacons across strategic places in the venue.  By doing this, we were able to track and deliver personalized messages for the following actions:

  • Attendees’ event entries and exists
  • Which keynotes the attendee went to
  • How much time he stayed in each keynote or room
  • Which exhibition sponsor stand he visited and how much time he spent

Also all this data was stored in Hubspot using our custom integration, using Hubspot api.




In the following diagram we present the complete integration including all the steps mentioned before for better understanding of our kickass custom Hubspot api integration:




One of the main goals established by the Telco was to increase 20% of attendees from last year event using a innovative integration and an inbound marketing strategy.

A week after the event, we obtained the following results:

  • More than 100k website visits between august and September 2015.
  • More than 1.8k leads
  • More than 1.5k attendees
  • Attendee increase 30%

We obtained a detailed heat map of all the attendees’ activity at the event across the venue:



We are more than satisfied with the results obtained, the event was a major success for the Telco and we managed to accomplish all the challenges and goals established by our client.

But most important we were able to integrate outbound with inbound breaking all the limits, developing a custom integration thinking outside the box!

What makes us unique?

The custom integration we developed with our team, connecting different technologies and platforms creating a paradigm shift that you cannot do complex things with Hubspot + COS and that you are limited by the standard Hubspot connectors available.

Why is this a successful case? 

Considering that all the revolutionary groundbreaking integrations developed by our team have not been done by anyone before.  Allowing us to enhance Hubspot capabilities to deliver a greater value to our client and boosting our results. 

Finally, we can highlight that we managed to connect outbound and inbound closing the circle with an innovative integration + inbound marketing strategy.






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