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Since August 2015, MAS Digital has had the opportunity to make radical changes in the strategies that an Italian pharmaceutical company has used to sell their products. This company is established in different countries in Latin America. The Central America and Caribbean headquarters of this company is located in Guatemala. The challenge of making a change in the way they sold their product was something new for us and we decided to accept it.

The challenge

Within the pharmaceutical products that this company distributes, there is a medication that helps people who suffer from premature ejaculation to have a better performance in your intimate life and to improve the quality of their everyday life and their sexual life as well. Creating an efficient marketing strategy was complicated for this company since they are the first company who launches a medicine for this type of problem in the region. They also needed to find an efficient way of advertising the product to increase the sales of their product. This was complicated because the premature ejaculation topic is considered a taboo in Latin America countries.

The company's marketing team, made advertising on radio stations, taking medical experts to the radio stations to talk about premature ejaculation and then, they lead the potential customers to purchase the medication. They also made a large investment in advertising in other traditional media such as newspapers and television, but failed to obtain the desired return on investment from it. The biggest challenge of this company was to increase exponentially the sales of their product, not only in Guatemala, but also in other Central America countries

Our Solution

The marketing team told us what was their main challenge and which their goals to achieve were. We started to work on generating an innovative inbound strategy in order to obtain results in a faster and more efficient way. The solutions we implement are the following:

  • Create a new brand without mentioning the name of the product

One of the biggest difficulties was to be recognized by people, without mentioning the name of the product. For that reason, we created "Hagámoslo Juntos", a brand that would help us to be recognized within the potential clients and guide them towards the purchase of the product through the conversion path in a friendly and educational way.


  • Creation of an educational website

This idea began due to the fact that statistics show that 1 in every 5 men have premature ejaculation problems and most part of them do not know they have this problem or don’t want to recognize it. The site was optimized in order to educate people on this topic in a friendly way and making them feel comfortable. The site’s objective is to guide them and let them know that if they do not look for help to heal this problem, this will affect them in a psychological way, at home, at their jobs or in their love relationship.


  • Generate informative content

We developed a strategy and personalized content focused to fill the needs and interests of the ideal prospects. With the help of blogs and downloadable material, the migration of the prospect through the buyer’s journey becomes easier. This content also emphases on basic and educational information of this problem, the physical problems it produces and the solutions for the people who suffer from premature ejaculation. This served as a bait to attract people and generate more traffic to the website.


  • Integrate Landing Pages that help us with the Conversion Path

With Landing Pages, we were able to migrate the leads within the stages of the conversion path and take them into a solution for their problem. We integrated two Landing Pages where the leads could download educational materials and also added a Landing Page where they could schedule an appointment with a specialist who’s part of the pharmacist company.


  • We searched for the indicated Buyer Personas

We settled two different Buyer Personas, which would help us to reach the indicated prospects. We did not focused only on the man affected by the problem, but also created a Buyer Persona that will help us figure which were the needs of the partner that lives with a person who suffers from this problem. We know that the partner plays an important role in this situation since it is the one who helps to guide the affected to make a decision and recognize that it needs help. We also generated content focused on the solution of the problems that the partner might have.


  • A test implementation

We created and implement a test at the COS from HubSpot using the basic license. This was a challenge for us because we knew that we had the limitations of the license and we’re not able to do these types of integrations without having access to HubSpot’s API.  Without a doubt, the implementation of the test was a great achievement for us since it allowed us to have a better interaction with the prospects that made the test. With this test, the user will receive a preliminary diagnosis and figure out if he suffers or not from this problem, at what stage of premature ejaculation he is and provide a solution. To be able to do the test, the user needs to enter his personal information, which is later stored in a database.


  • Content distribution channels

We created and optimized accounts in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube in order to create a digital marketing strategy. This strategy seeks to reach those specific people who may be suffering from premature ejaculation and provide them educational content and a solution. With the content published on the social networks, the traffic to the website and the amount of sales increased.


  • Workshop Strategy

We implemented a workshop strategy with the client in which a call center was created. The agents from the call center take the contacts database and give an appropriate follow-up on their case. The agents try to see if the prospect attended the appointment that was scheduled and solve any doubt or question that they might have. This follow-up is also handled by e-mail. The pharmaceutical company has specialists in different countries of the region such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. This way, it becomes easier for the people to schedule an appointment with one of the doctors in a more comfortable and practical way.



In the beginning, the pharmaceutical marketing team established initial goals. They hoped that the Inbound Marketing strategy would generate 5 thousand visits on the website, 100 Marketing Qualified Leads and 5 sales qualified leads. They established this goals since they did not believe that the Inbound strategy would make a big change in their statistics. It was also established that all the goals and metrics of the strategy would be reviewed on a trimestral basis.

At the end of the first trimester, we made the review that was scheduled and obtained the following results:

  • 20,234 Website visits
  • 1350 Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 73 Sales Qualified Leads



This means that in the first trimester, we exceed the previously established goals and the website visits increased by 304%, the marketing Qualified Leads by 1250% and the Qualified Sales Leads by 1360%.

These results surprised us and we were able to see that the people were interested in the content we generate. The response from the users has been very positive and in the first 5 months of the project, we currently have 45,263 visits on the web site, 2081 MQL and 150 SQL.






When we started the project, the pharmaceutical company did not had any profile or fan page in any social network. After 5 months of having created the “Hagamoslo Juntos” Fan Page on Facebook, we obtain 10,006 fans and we have a follower growth of approximately 1200 each month. This has been achieved thanks to the advertisement focused on the prospects of the brand in the social networks.


What makes us unique?

The implementation of the test within the website has been a vital factor in all of our work. It is a tool that has helped us attract new prospects since it builds the curiosity of men to know if they suffer or not this problem and with which we managed to get their information and then store it in a database in order to generate quality leads.

The creation of a new brand to make the people feel confident and identified was a big challenge that we were able to overcome and deploy in an efficient and effective manner. With this new brand, they will learn more about this subject and purchase the product.

We generate content that is focused on the needs of the ideal prospects. With this type of content, we have been able to guide the leads through the Conversion Path, as they begin to learn more about the topic, obtain valuable information to solve their problems and finally, make the purchase of the product. We generate all kinds of value content such as blogs, infographics, ebooks and tests.

Why is this a successful case?

It should be recalled that this pharmaceutical is the first company that launched a product of this kind in the region. This made everything more difficult as they needed to have the acceptance and recognition of the people in the market. With the appropriate implementation of all previously mentioned strategies, we managed to create Awareness and aroused the interest of the people to educate themselves, learn more about the subject and buy the product.

As a result, the traffic to the website and the number of the product sales increased exponentially in the 5 months that the strategy has been established. We have also been able to lead the leads to schedule appointments with the doctors, which make an objective diagnosis and prescribed the medication. This actions make the product sales grow in all the countries of the region.

Finally, we can highlight that the pharmaceutical company currently sells a high quantity of products per month thanks to new strategies implemented. With the help of these methods, the company has managed to increase their profitability and their income.


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